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When your plumbing system is acting up there is no time to delay. Any kind of plumbing emergency or repair can result in unexpected damages if not addressed immediately. The Cooling & Plumbing Co has been trusted for years by residents in the east valley and throughout Maricopa County for plumbing repair, maintenance, and service.


Understanding The Importance of Plumbing Throughout Your Home

Plumbing is an essential component of any home in Mesa, Arizona. It is the system that brings clean water into the home and takes wastewater out. Many homeowners take their plumbing for granted, but it is important to be knowledgeable about it to prevent issues and ensure your home runs smoothly. We will discuss what homeowners should know about plumbing in their homes in Mesa, Arizona.

It is important to understand the layout of your plumbing system. The plumbing in your home is a complex network of pipes that run throughout the walls, floors, and ceilings of your house. This system is made up of supply pipes, which bring fresh water into your home, and drainpipes, which take wastewater away. Knowing where your pipes are located and how they are connected can be helpful if you ever need to make repairs or upgrades.


Another important topic to discuss is that homeowners should be aware of the signs of a plumbing problem. Some common signs include low water pressure, slow-draining sinks, toilets that won’t flush, and gurgling sounds coming from your drains. If you notice any of these issues, it’s important to address them quickly to prevent further damage to your plumbing system. Additionally, regular maintenance can help prevent problems from occurring in the first place. The technicians at The Cooling & Plumbing Co. are licensed professional plumbers and we can perform regular inspections to identify any potential issues and recommend necessary repairs.

Thirdly, it’s important to understand how to care for your plumbing system. Proper care can help extend the life of your pipes and prevent costly repairs. For example, avoid pouring grease down your drains as it can solidify and cause blockages. Additionally, be careful what you flush down the toilet as some items can cause clogs. Regularly cleaning your drains and using a drain screen can help prevent blockages from occurring. It’s also important to know where your shut-off valve is located in case of a plumbing emergency.


It’s important to hire a professional plumber for any repairs or upgrades. We at The CPCO are happy to help at any point of service; preventative, repairs, replacements, and new installations. While there are some minor plumbing issues that you can fix yourself, most repairs require the expertise of a licensed plumber. Attempting to fix plumbing problems yourself can cause more damage and cost you more money in the long run. When choosing a plumber, look for someone who is licensed, insured, and has a good reputation in the community. The Cooling & Plumbing Co. has been in business for over a decade while maintaining 100’s of 5 Star reviews across all platforms. Please check us out for yourself.

Sewer versus Septic Systems

In addition to understanding the basics of your home’s plumbing system, it is also important to be aware of the differences between sewer and septic systems, as well as the various areas of your home that involve plumbing.

Sewer systems are connected to a municipal sewer line, which carries wastewater away from your home and into a treatment plant. Septic systems, on the other hand, are self-contained systems that treat and dispose of wastewater on your property. It is important to understand which type of system your home has, as the maintenance and repair requirements can differ significantly.

If your home has a septic system, regular maintenance is crucial to ensure proper functioning. This includes regular pumping of the tank, which should be done every 3-5 years depending on the size of the tank and the number of occupants in your home. Additionally, be mindful of what you flush down the toilet and pour down the drains, as certain materials can harm the delicate balance of the septic system and cause damage.


In terms of the areas of your home that involve plumbing, it’s not just about sinks and toilets. Other areas of your home that involve plumbing include your hot water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, and outdoor hose bibs. These areas require regular maintenance and occasional repairs to ensure they function properly and avoid water damage.

Furthermore, homeowners should be aware of potential hazards that can arise from plumbing issues. Water damage is a common problem that can result from leaks or burst pipes. This can cause significant damage to your home and belongings, and even lead to mold growth if not addressed promptly. Additionally, sewer backups can pose a health hazard and require immediate attention from a professional plumber. The Cooling & Plumbing Co. can help with emergency services, give us a call at 480-813-1155.

Homeowners in Mesa, Arizona should have a basic understanding of their plumbing system to prevent issues and ensure their home runs smoothly. Knowing the layout of your pipes, signs of a plumbing problem, how to care for your plumbing system, and when to hire a professional plumber can help you avoid costly repairs and keep your plumbing system in good condition.

In conclusion, understanding both sewer and septic systems and being knowledgeable about all areas of your home that involve plumbing is important for homeowners in Mesa, Arizona. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can help prevent costly damage and ensure your plumbing system functions properly. When it comes to more complex issues or repairs involving sewer and septic systems, it is always best to call in a licensed plumber to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

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