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When you Heating unit is acting up there is no time to delay. With the below freezing temperatures in Mesa a faulty Heating unit can really make things difficult. The Cooling & Plumbing Co has been trusted for years by residents in the east valley and throughout Maricopa County for air conditioning repair, maintenance, and service.


Heating units are an essential part of every home, especially during the cold winter months. In Mesa, Arizona, where temperatures can drop to freezing levels, heating units play an even more significant role in ensuring the comfort and safety of homeowners. However, like any other mechanical equipment, heating units require proper maintenance and occasional repairs to function optimally.

If you are a homeowner in Mesa, Arizona, it is essential to know what heating units are, how they work, and what to expect when installing or repairing them. We will discuss the repair and installation of heating units and what homeowners should know about these units.

What are Heating Units?

Heating units are mechanical devices used to heat indoor spaces. They come in different types and sizes, including furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers. Furnaces are the most common type of heating units in Mesa, Arizona. They operate by heating air and distributing it throughout the home via ducts. Heat pumps are also popular and work by moving warm air from outside the house to the inside. Boilers are less common and use hot water or steam to heat indoor spaces.

How do Heating Units Work?

Heating units work by converting energy into heat. In furnaces, for instance, gas, oil, or electricity is used to generate heat, which is then transferred to the air. The warm air is then circulated through the ductwork and distributed to various parts of the house. Heat pumps, on the other hand, use a refrigeration cycle to extract heat from the outdoor air and move it inside the house. Boilers use water or steam to transfer heat to indoor spaces.

Repairing Heating Units

Heating units are prone to wear and tear, just like any other piece of mechanical equipment. Over time, components such as filters, motors, and thermostats may malfunction, leading to decreased efficiency or complete failure of the unit. When this happens, it is essential to call a qualified HVAC technician to diagnose and repair the problem.

Common problems that may require heating unit repair include:

Dirty or clogged filters
Malfunctioning thermostat
Blower motor failure
Ignition problems
Pilot light problems
Blocked vents or ducts

When working with any of the heating unit repair technicians at The Cooling & Plumbing Co., you can rest easy knowing that we are licensed and certified. Most importantly though, we have the experience and knowledge on repairing any type of heating unit in your home. We maintain a 5 Star Quality reputation and offer warranties on our parts & labor.

Installing Heating Units

If you are installing a new heating unit, there are several factors to consider, including the size of the unit, the type of fuel source, and the cost of installation. It is also essential to consider the efficiency rating of the unit, as this will determine how much energy it consumes and how much you will pay for heating.

The installation process begins with a load calculation to determine the appropriate size of the heating unit for your home. This calculation takes into account factors such as the square footage of your home, the number of windows and doors, and the level of insulation.

Once the size of the heating unit is determined, the technician will install the unit, connect it to the fuel source, and ensure that all components are functioning correctly. They will also test the unit to ensure that it is heating your home efficiently.


Heating units are critical to the comfort and safety of homeowners in Mesa, Arizona. Regular maintenance and occasional repairs are necessary to ensure that they function optimally. When selecting a technician for repair or installation, ensure that they are licensed, certified, and have experience with the type of heating unit in your home. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your heating unit serves you well for many years.

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