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When you Air Conditioning unit is acting up there is no time to delay. With the high summer temperatures, a faulty AC unit can really make things difficult. The Cooling & Plumbing Co has been trusted for decades by residents in the east valley for all types of HVAC repairs.



Air Conditioner problems that require service are common, especially during seasons of high heat. The older your AC unit is or the longer it’s gone without proper service will typically cause more issues then a newer and well maintained unit. However, problems can arise on any unit for many reasons. It’s important to pay attention to your unit and listen for signs of issues before the problem gets worse. If you notice your air conditioner unit acting different, even after changing the filter. Give us a call right away before the small problem becomes a larger and more expensive one.

Some Common problems we see with when repairing air conditioning systems in Mesa are:

  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Low Coolant
  • Bad Coils
  • Dirty Fans & Blowers
  • Dirty Condenser Fins
  • Bad AC Ducting
  • Old Units

If your AC unit doesn’t seem to be working like it should, make sure you replace your filters and than give us a call after the system runs for a little. If it still doesn’t seem to be cooling the house we will come out and diagnose the problem and service the AC unit. The maintenance and service of your air conditioning is important for proper performance. Here is a handy little guide for maintaining your air conditioner.

Residential HVAC Repair

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You want the interior of your home or business to be comfortable regardless of what the outside temperature is. Count on The Cooling & Plumbing Co for all your heating and cooling needs in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area and beyond. Our technicians are HVAC certified and are always up-to-date on all things related to your heating and air conditioning needs.

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