Review from Andrew C.

Great I feel so special being the 57th 5 star guy lol. Nonetheless I’m adding to the list because this guy deserves it. Great work great team.

Review from Stuart M.

Jay and his crew have top quality work. They are on time and work efficiently without wasting time. But, they don’t rush to get the job done, they take care that the customer is satisfied completely.

Jay did the plumbing work in our bathroom remodel that we were mostly doing ourselves and he had ideas of doing things more efficiently and cost-effective. Jay and my wife are both veterans, so they connected right away and Jay’s quality work and attention to detail demonstrate the skills he took from his time in the service. Jay and his team are always polite, courteous, and clean up after themselves when they finish their job.

We needed advice on cooling the west side of our home which happens to be where our master bedroom and bathroom are. (We already had a larger ton unit put in the previous year by another contractor which is more efficient, but didn’t solve this issue.) Jay gave us several options and made sure we understood each one. There was no high pressure sales on any of the options. We thought it over for a few months while doing our own research and went with the mini-split option he had recommended. We couldn’t be happier, and come summer I know we’ll be sleeping better and not sweating after a shower in that bathroom.

He is available to respond to questions we have about home repairs related to plumbing, cooling, piping, wiring. The guy is a wealth of knowledge and has a vast background in construction and all the basics. We have had Jay and his crew out on several occasions over the past year as we wouldn’t hesitate to use him over and over again, and recommend him to anyone who needs a quality, honesty, and hard working contractor in any of his specialty areas.

We didn’t hesitate to go to Jay first to ask what he knew about a water treatment solution for our whole house. He was on top of that as well! He recommended a company that is a leader in the industry and has eco-friendly solutions that will filter all the water in our home. We are looking forward to making that upgrade to our home soon! Jay will always get our business, hands down.

We even had Jay take a look at the a/c unit on our rental property. We wondered if the contractor who installed the a/c for us there did everything properly. Where some contractors would have taken advantage and said, “No, I need to redo this for you,” and then charge you for something that didn’t need to be done, Jay did just the opposite. He said the other contractor did it properly and went on to explain why it was done that way and what made it more efficient by installing it in that fashion. On top of that, he refused to charge us anything for his time to go by and then discuss it with us.

Jay is down to earth, treats us like family giving us the best quality products and deals, and we trust him to give us only advice that is honest and upfront. He responds to inquiries and voicemails promptly and courteously. Thanks, Jay and guys for all you’ve done to help us. We hope others read this review and choose you over any others out there.

Support Veteran Owned Businesses!

Review from Christina N.

Jay and his guys had quite a challenge with our home! He was able to figure out what had been done wrong and what he needed to do to make all of it right. Several rooms, bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen where involved and they got it all done quickly and efficiently! Thank you so much for making our home better and for the entertainment as well!!! I highly recommend them for any plumbing and cooling needs!!

Review from Sean P.

Jay Monday is an absolute Ninja of plumbing and cooling…if you want it done right call them! Quick, fast and professional.


Review from Ockie D.

Jay Monday came out on behalf of Spencer’s Appliances to install a new gas stove I purchased at Spencer’s. He was prompt, on time, and extremely pleasant to work with! What else can be said!

Review from Jediah D.


I am the owner of JD Landscaping & Design LLC. and I use Jay with The Cooling & Plumbing Co for all of my plumbing needs and questions. I have had many projects where people are needing a reliable plumber and Jay is always right there to get the job done and is knowledgeable to answer any questions you have. I also use him and his company on my landscaping projects to run gas lines for firepits etc. Jay has been there every single time and did a perfect job. He has helped me and my company out and I am confident in giving his name to anybody who is in need of any type of cooling, heating, or plumbing work. You will not be disappointed in calling the Cooling & Plumbing Co and you will be glad you did. Excellent work and a company you can completely trust.

Review from Bill W.

I have been using Jay and his company for the last 3yrs on my rental properties and my personal home. He has fixed and/or replace a/c systems, plumbing and gas systems. His prices are very reasonable and more importantly it’s worth the price. He knows what he is doing and he has a passion for what he does. His work is of have the highest quality. I could honestly say I would never trust anybody else to work on my houses.

The best complaint I can say here is that I have recommended Jay to several of my friends and co-workers. They have all been very grateful for the recommendation without exception.

Review from Cliff S.

I met Jay Monday 5 years ago. He was my neighbor and of course 1 day after I got home late from work I realized I had a water emergency and the owner wasn’t able to get anyone out for at least a day so I asked Jay if he could help me and he rushed over. All the neighbors around us have had him help them with all their projects so I was happy knowing I could trust his quality and pricing. A quick fix and the water was back on. No trip charge, no after hour charges and he even gave me a military discount! Since then he’s fixed my AC and several plumbing issues for me at my new place. He’s also taken over the maintenance at my office. My boss loves his pricing and anytime we call him, he’s out super quick. He’s done work now for several of our customers and all of my family members. The guy is great and really knows his stuff! He’s also full of great ideas so wen I get enough said up for my remodel I’m stealing several of Jay’s ideas and he’ll be doing everything I can get him to do. Thanks Jay!

Review from Marianne M.

I’ve known Jay for a very long time and I’ve always been able to rely on his services. He’s honest, dependable, and does a great job. He’s not only helped me in random situations but he’s also helped many friends and family who I’ve referred him to. I’ve yet to have anyone say he or she were dis-satisfied with his services; everyone loves him and the great job he does!

Recently, I had the pleasure of using Jay’s 24 hour service. I came home at 12:30 am on a Sunday to a leaking hot water heater! I called Jay and he immediately came over to evaluate and he suggested we shut the water off to the heater to be safe (pretty much so my garage, tools and car weren’t going to get flooded). The very next day he was over to install a new (and beautiful) hot water heater. He even included little insulators for the pipes to the walls!

I’ve always been so pleased with his services so much so that I’ve scheduled him to come back in a few weeks to do a check-up on my AC unit to make sure it’s good for the winter, replace my garbage disposal, replace the fixtures in the bathrooms, and re-pipe the fire pit! It’s nice to have someone you can trust who is honest and reliable, even at all hours of the day (or. in some cases, night).

Review from John C.

I haven’t written a review for a company before but felt compelled with these guys. 2 months ago my A/C went out and knew I was going to need a brand new unit. I work in the construction business and have heard about “The Cooling and Plumbing Co” from a few of the top contractors I deal with and they had nothing but good things to say.

I contacted Jay and his crew along with 4 or 5 other A/C companies and they came in $400 less than the next lowest quote. Jay was very professional and was able to explain things in a way that even I could understand. He even installed a smart thermostat which is nice for controlling your ac from wherever you are. We put our house on the market 2 weeks ago and had an “inspection” done, the inspector said it was one of the best ac swaps he had seen. I will always use The Cooling & Plumbing Co!