Review from Cliff S.

I met Jay Monday 5 years ago. He was my neighbor and of course 1 day after I got home late from work I realized I had a water emergency and the owner wasn’t able to get anyone out for at least a day so I asked Jay if he could help me and he rushed over. All the neighbors around us have had him help them with all their projects so I was happy knowing I could trust his quality and pricing. A quick fix and the water was back on. No trip charge, no after hour charges and he even gave me a military discount! Since then he’s fixed my AC and several plumbing issues for me at my new place. He’s also taken over the maintenance at my office. My boss loves his pricing and anytime we call him, he’s out super quick. He’s done work now for several of our customers and all of my family members. The guy is great and really knows his stuff! He’s also full of great ideas so wen I get enough said up for my remodel I’m stealing several of Jay’s ideas and he’ll be doing everything I can get him to do. Thanks Jay!

Review from Marianne M.

I’ve known Jay for a very long time and I’ve always been able to rely on his services. He’s honest, dependable, and does a great job. He’s not only helped me in random situations but he’s also helped many friends and family who I’ve referred him to. I’ve yet to have anyone say he or she were dis-satisfied with his services; everyone loves him and the great job he does!

Recently, I had the pleasure of using Jay’s 24 hour service. I came home at 12:30 am on a Sunday to a leaking hot water heater! I called Jay and he immediately came over to evaluate and he suggested we shut the water off to the heater to be safe (pretty much so my garage, tools and car weren’t going to get flooded). The very next day he was over to install a new (and beautiful) hot water heater. He even included little insulators for the pipes to the walls!

I’ve always been so pleased with his services so much so that I’ve scheduled him to come back in a few weeks to do a check-up on my AC unit to make sure it’s good for the winter, replace my garbage disposal, replace the fixtures in the bathrooms, and re-pipe the fire pit! It’s nice to have someone you can trust who is honest and reliable, even at all hours of the day (or. in some cases, night).

Review from John C.

I haven’t written a review for a company before but felt compelled with these guys. 2 months ago my A/C went out and knew I was going to need a brand new unit. I work in the construction business and have heard about “The Cooling and Plumbing Co” from a few of the top contractors I deal with and they had nothing but good things to say.

I contacted Jay and his crew along with 4 or 5 other A/C companies and they came in $400 less than the next lowest quote. Jay was very professional and was able to explain things in a way that even I could understand. He even installed a smart thermostat which is nice for controlling your ac from wherever you are. We put our house on the market 2 weeks ago and had an “inspection” done, the inspector said it was one of the best ac swaps he had seen. I will always use The Cooling & Plumbing Co!